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About Kapray

Rosey @kapray
The boss of Kapray®

Rather than a long page about the founders as they go off on one big vanity marathon, we thought lets introduce you to our mannequin first.

Legend has it she wears many different hats in the company from modelling to receptionist, but no one has ever seen her head to confirm.

She is picky about her outfits so we spend our time improving our products by listening to our customers. Our range is evolving with every feedback, whether its good or bleh!

We like to do what others won't, it means we can be a little daring with our freedom. Join us in challenging the norm, we try to be far from it.

We’re glad you took the time to click onto this page to read our drivel. It made the whole six days of our life spent typing it seem worthwhile. No in all seriousness, we are!

Now you know a little bit about us, tell us a bit about you...